Although the answer to this might seem obvious, it may be difficult to tell if your meth addiction treatment is working. In order to gauge you treatment success, you will need to do a few things to make your treatment measurable.

Treatment Time

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, in order for treatment to be successful you must remain in treatment for an adequate length of time. If you have only been in treatment for a short time chances are you treatment is not working yet.

If you have been in treatment for a very long time, chances are your treatment style is not working. This does not mean that there is not treatment option for you, just that you might need to try a different type of treatment.

Setting Realistic Goals

By setting realistic goals and writing them down, you can measure your own treatment progress. If you are checking off your goals at a reasonable pace, then your treatment is working. If you are not accomplishing any of your goals either your goals or your treatment needs to be re-evaluated.

Your meth addiction counselors and doctors will help you set realistic realizable goals. Once these are set write them down. By writing them down you can keep them in mind and have a visual representation of the ones that you have accomplished.

Keeping a Journal

By keeping a journal, you can record all of your cravings, thoughts, and feelings. This allows you to keep a written record of your journey through recovery. Every once in a while you can look back over your journal and check the progress you’ve made.

Meth addiction treatment is different for everyone and your recovery will not progress at a specific speed. If you have no way to measure your progress, you may give up on your treatment too soon and relapse. By using these ways to measure your progress you can tell if your meth addition treatment is working.